Dishing The Dirt

It's a weird and wonderful world out there. Where do you even begin to get a grasp on all the fascinating, the futuristic, the fantastic? Well, this is where The Dirt comes in to help you out. We are here to share the word on how the food that we eat ends up on our tables. 


The Dirt podcast is plated up in bite-size pieces, meaning you can catch it on the train, on your lunch break, or on your way to your nearest farmers markets. You will be hosted by Tegan, who will take you across seas and over continents to find the freshest, tastiest stories from ag. You will hear from farmers, foodies, and scientists about what's new in ag.


So if you're keen as a bean to get behind the scenes of the food you eat, or you just need to brush up on some fun food facts before your next dinner party, then you've come to the right place!  



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