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EP. 1 - The iCow Revolution

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

A musician, a social entrepreneur, an organic farmer, and a TED Global Fellow - there isn't much Su Kahumbu Stephanou hasn't done. We talked to Su about the app she has developed to give farmers across Africa the knowledge that they need to grow more food more sustainably.

It isn't often that you meet someone with the tenacity to give a whole industry a good shake up. But Su Stephanou isn't just someone. She has a drive to make positive change, and this drive led to her developing one of the most successful agricultural apps in Africa. iCow was born from the need to get information to farmers in areas where there is minimal access to information on livestock, crops and markets.

After winning the Apps for Africa competition in 2010, iCow has since been profiled by Forbes Magazine as one of the most groundbreaking african apps. The successes of iCow can be attributed to Su's commitment to ensuring farmers have access to the information they need to make sure their animals, their plants and their soils are healthy and productive.

In Episode 1, we talk to Su about her beginnings in growing food, the catalyst for iCow, and how it has evolved.


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